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I like interacting with people and listening to their stories, often leading to artistic or socially relevant projects. I love to travel and have worked on projects in China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Tibet, and the US.

My BA in advertising (major in copywriting) and my first professional experience (three years as AVID editor in one of Milan's major Post facilities) is a blend of abstract thinking and technical skills that strongly impacted my career. My passion led me to wear multiple hats, including directing Fortune 50 conventions across Europe, filming documentary footage in Tibet, developing niche social networks, teaching filmmaking, producing narrative and documentary-style films, and working as a street photographer to support social impact programs during the pandemic.

I immigrated to the US from Italy in 2009. In 2011 I had to stop working for a while due to a lengthy immigration process (when my wife was hired, we had to change visas, which allowed me to stay but not to work in the US) and health challenges (I was diagnosed with cancer at the bone marrow, and it took me three years to get out of there. Today I'm in remission, and that chapter is just a bad memory). But in 2016, I was able to get back to work, and the first thing I did was write and direct the short film Thank You Rebbe. The film was well received in the US film festival circuit and won the Best Jewish Film Award at the 2021 Cannes Word Film Festival - Remember the Future competition. You may watch it at:

In 2017 I received my green card and returned to collaborating and volunteering with film projects. Soon, I was helping nonprofits meet their filmmaking needs, and in 2018 I accepted a full-time position as a video director and video department lead at the Jewish United Fund of Chicago. The first project I wrote and produced was a PSA about the rise of antisemitism in the US. The video received a Silver Telly Award and a Midwest EMMY nomination. Today I'm a US citizen, and in July 2021, I had to leave this position for family reasons and relocate to the west coast.

As a kid born in '72, I consider myself fortunate to keep making what is my passion my everyday job. I'm grateful that people have faith in me and allow me to narrate their stories.


Today, I'm producing a documentary about teaching methods for Dyslexia and other learning differences called LET US READ.

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Some brands I worked on

SONY, Mediaset, RAI, Survival International, Pfizer, Novartis, Bracco, Janssen-Cilag, Shell, BancaIntesa, Barilla, Jewish United Fund of Chicago, Revlon, Renault, Positano Modamare, Magnolia, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eurocell, Waste Italia.

Latest awards

2021 Best Jewish Film July 2021 at the World Film Festival in Cannes

2020 EMMY Chicago/Midwest Chapter Nomination

2020 Silver Award at the 41st Telly Awards

2017 Short film 'Thank You Rebbe' selected and screened at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, the Glendale International Film Festival, and the Chelsea Film Festival in New York.

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