©2018 Daniel Vital

ABOUT ME Copy-writer, film director and editor.

During my career I successfully achieved different goals, evolving my skills from project to project. Below are some key-points of my professional experience, one coffee after another...

Passion for film making brings me to win a European grant to work in prestigious film company Central Production. It's the dawn of the Non Linear Editing Era, and I fell in love with the new narrative opportunities that this technological shift allowed.

Countless hours working in post production at Rumblefish made me one of the first lucky pioneers in NLE. Being at the right place at the right time allowed me to become sleepless and expert in AVID, Softimage, Silicon Graphics, Adobe, and the entire post production process from first light tele-cine to final masters for broadcast. 

Driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, I opened my company Streetlamp based in Milan, Italy. I began to fill the gap between my writing skills and post production expertise. I began to direct corporate and creative films, achieving experience as director. This, of course, required to double the amount of daily caffeine...

I began very early to develop web formats as new forms of interactive online conversations. I started with humansteps.com (2000/ I filmed in China and Tibet. A mix between a DIY National Geographic and Lonely Planet guides), saypeace.com (2005/ a free public web-mail to share a positive message using our emails) and good-wine.it (2008/ a social network for 15K Italian creative professionals ).

In 2004 joined Multimedia Systems (today McCann Healthcare Milan). This four-year collaboration adds corporate internal communications creative strategy to my expertise, in particular for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to working on many multi-channel projects, I became expert in directing events. Between 2004 and 2008 I worked on corporate events in Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Russia and of course Italy.

Living in Texas and Brooklyn as a child, I guess it was only a matter of time for me to move back to my beloved USA. Together with my wife Rossella, I moved in Chicago in 2009.

To start, I shared the tough economic scenario with millions of other Americans. But I was also blessed with the birth of my daughter Miriam. Coffee became indispensable.

Today I'm able to work again (after a long stop due to VISAs and a cancer treatment I went through). I am an Italian citizen Green card holder authorized to work with no restrictions in the USA.

I achieved my bachelor degree in Advertising, major in Copy Writing, at the Academy of Communication of Milan.

As final thesis I developed in team with my Art Director the new brand positioning concept 'absolute control' for Pirelli.