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Copywriting / BA in Advertising

Creative concept development and creative writing are how I began my career.  As soon as I graduated, I did some print and developed a brand positioning concept for a global brand (Pirelli) as BA dissertation. The concept (absolute control) was then used by the company as Pay Off for years to come. I then won a European Grant to join a filmmaking company in Milan (Central Productions), and that's when I was introduced to production and non-linear editing.

Events and initiatives / Conventions and creative internal communitation

During my career, I worked across Europe on corporate conventions for internal communication at Multimedia Systems, Milan. While I was primarily responsible for creative content creation, I also had the opportunity to work as a convention director in some cases. I directed event crews, stage action, and live screening during the event. Key clients were: Pfizer, Bracco, Novartis, and some financial institutions. / A free public webmail provider

In 2005 I founded a free public webmail provider called - People were allowed to open their own email, just like gmail today. I managed the project by hiring a tech developer and working hands-on server-side, community management, and basically taking care of all aspects of this project. The project lasted until 2008, gathering up to 4,000 active users. / A niche social network for Italian creatives

In 2008 I created a vertical social network for Italian creative professionals using a white-label sw called Socialengine.  From scratch, the project grew up to 15,000 email subscribers. My responsibilities ranged from IT to Community management, from Creative Direction to Financial and Legal. Creative professionals used the social network to present their work and increase business opportunities.

'Wine' was the metaphor used for each creative talent.
The wine metaphor was used to value the quality of creative professionals by region. Other communications professionals were invited as 'sommeliers.' Once a month, these 'sommeliers' would publish a 'wine list' (a list of best portfolios), adding a comment on each portfolio. It was a successful concept that kept many people in touch and active on the platform. The project ended in 2011. / A multiauthor blog

During the pandemic, I developed a brand called Together with TeatrArt, an Italian theater company, we worked to create a website focused on real-life stories. I created a website using WordPress, subscribed to Reuters, and cherry-picked stories on strategy with the brand.

Original real-life stories were developed by the TeatrArt team, and by a writer in Seattle, Karl Cassel. These stories were the core of the project, and people participated enthusiastically.

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