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Daniel is an EMMY nominated and Silver Telly award winner, producer, writer, and video director. His experience includes developing creative strategy and content for Arts, Broadcast, Corporate, Entertainment, Fashion, and Nonprofit programs and brands. He has worked with Fortune 50 companies and supported +$80MM fundraising campaigns. His work has been broadcasted on national TV channels, won festival awards, and received a regional EMMY nomination.

Filmmaking / REEL

Featured Project / Promotional video, education

Note: opening drone and neuroscience building lab footage belong to Chartwell's archive. Visit:

Currently Producing / Independent Documentary

I'm producing a documentary about teaching methods for dyslexia and other learning differences.

The documentary is called LET US READ.

Official website:

Facebook page:


Currently in the drawer /

I founded and managed a public webmail provider called from 2005 to 2008. People were able to open their email account for free.

It is currently back in the drawer, but you can't give up on this idea, right?

Work Samples / Full Length

I can't wait to hear about your
project and see if we can work on it together. 

I'm based in the San Francisco area, but I am available for projects across the US.

I reply to everyone as quickly as I can, thank you for reaching out!

Thanks for reaching out! Message sent.

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